Why to study at MBS

Moravian Business School offers you following advantages:

  • The length of study is only 18 months (3 semesters).
  • Studies are in the Czech language.
  • The teachers’ team consists of teachers with twenty-year experience who take part in the continual learning process and of top managers from practice.
  • Appropriate attention is paid to implementation of theoretical tools for critical strategic analysis (as an optimum tool for decision making processes) into business practice. 
  • The MBS students will be students of the Liverpool John Moores University and after completion of their studies they will be granted a British academic degree in the corresponding study scheme. 
  • The price of the entire study (i.e. 18 months - 3 semesters) is CZK 180,000 + 21% VAT. These are tax-recognisable expenses for an entrepreneurial entity.
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