Enrolment conditions

Studium MBAThe entry requirements of the MBA scheme include on a standard basis:

  1. Achievement of the first level of university education or its equivalent + appropriate managerial experience (this means three-year experience in middle or higher managerial positions)


  1. To be an experienced manager, who perhaps does not have the formal education required (i.e. who does not have the Bachelor’s level of university education), but who can prove their abilities to successfully complete the study scheme in a satisfactory manner to the study scheme leaders.

AP(E)L procedure

During enrolment in a study scheme, students can use the procedure of accreditation of prior experiential learning. This procedure is only possible in rare cases and applicants must prove achievement of a comparable level with specified deliverables of the MBA programme. The AP(E)L procedure enables highly experienced managers, who have worked intensively on development of their company management, to enter the study scheme in the corresponding place.

The rules for AP(E)L are derived from the rules used at LJMU – in accordance with the AP(E)L Principles, the AP(E)L procedure is considered as a process of assessment and possibly also accreditation of prior experiential learning (AP(E)L) or of prior certificated learning (APCL) for academic purposes. This recognition may lead to accreditation of credits which must be obtained for completion of the MBA studies, and to a decision about enrolment in the scheme with the modules recognised/completed beforehand. 

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