MBA study scheme

Characteristics of the study scheme

  • To provide personal and professional development necessary especially for managerial staff, executive officials and professionals working in demanding conditions of the 21st century.
  • To provide the study scheme participants with knowledge of principles and management procedures at a strategic level and with an opportunity of using this newly acquired  knowledge in their decision making within both national and international contexts.
  • To support processes of implementation of legal regulations of the EU 

Objectives of the programme

  • To develop complete abilities for effective management of an organisation
  • To critically analyse control and decision making situations in the complete economic environment with regard to regional contexts
  • To remove barriers between traditional understanding of management systems, their roles and personal responsibility in the European context 

Target Groups

  • Managerial staff in the business sector
  • Specialised managers in other areas (public institutions, bank sector, health sector, etc.)
  • Other participants aspiring to managerial positions in any sector 

Study results of the schemes

MBA Study

After graduation, the study scheme graduates will be able:

  • to critically analyse business sector from the viewpoint of national and regional environment and competition
  • to apply appropriate skills to business activities within the framework of observing the principles of equity, correctness and good business administration
  • to improve their skills in appropriate areas of management on the basis of their knowledge acquired during studies
  • to critically analyse political, managerial, organisational, sociological and economic contexts
  • to develop understanding and skills for management of changes, reforms and innovations of businesses, as well as the ability to communicate and implement business policies for adapting to future changes in business environment
  • to choose a suitable framework for business activities
  • to choose appropriate legal and organisational structures and decision making procedures
  • to develop customer-oriented approach of business administration 
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