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The studies at the MB School are accredited by one of leading universities in the United Kingdom, Liverpool John Moores University.

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool John Moores University (LJMU) was established in 1825 and has helped students to fulfil their potential for almost 200 years.

We are a leading university cooperating with business and industry, our academic staff are actively involved and support industrial sectors and professions in which they are specialised. This means that students can acquire relevant and concentrated experience from practice already during their studies.

Our study schemes are unique; they were drawn up in cooperation with leading employers whose requirements are included into the programmes. Their uniqueness is further intensified by development of transfer of skills with the use of graduates’ feedbacks and teaching methods inspired by practice. This means that our graduates acquire not only a top-quality degree but that they have also skills, experience and self-confidence necessary for successful careers in the selected sector. Almost 90% of our students find a job within six months from graduation or continue to study.

This emphasis on preparation for life out of the university is reflected in our studying facilities which are designed, if possible, in such a way that they can simulate real work environment.

Thanks to the top technologies and specialised sources – some of them being unique in the United Kingdom and Europe – LJMU offers all what you could expect from a modern educational facility of the world level … and still more.

The combination of perfect teaching programmes and practical knowledge means that our students graduate not only with high-quality academic qualification, but also with skills and abilities necessary for a successful career.

Liverpool Business School

Liverpool Business School (LBS) is a prospective, pro-student focussed business school serving to the business community for almost 40 years.

LBS offers a wide portfolio of courses covering all aspects of business. We prepare graduates for a wide range of managerial positions and professions, including accounting, marketing, public relations and human resource management.

LBS has acquired its high reputation thanks to its external research and consultation activities – for some of them it even got awards – with partners from a wide range of sectors, such as banking, finance, healthcare sector and local administration, as well as with organisations from the private and social sectors.

We have close relations to business and industry in the United Kingdom as well as on a worldwide basis. Our specialised and experienced academic staff members are involved in exciting and innovative projects which develop their knowledge and penetrate in their teaching as well.

Our understanding the real business world means that our approach to education in this area is up-to-date and relevant with regard to current knowledge. Within the framework of the teaching process we place emphasis on practical knowledge and their application, our teachers are open, available and willing to support and help our students. 

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University

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